Heated Bain Marie Food Display – PG180FE-YG

F.E.D Heated Bain Marie Food Display – PG180FE-YG

Regular Price $5,230.00 + GST VIP Sale Price $4,100.00 + GST
Model: PG180FE-YG
Size: 1800mm x 790mm x 1250mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 150 kg

Product Description

Heated Stainless Steel Bain Marie Food Display – PG180FE-YTwo doors with 5 x 1/1 GN pans 35 to 85°C / convective thermal air-flow & humidity Bench height is 850 mm

Two drawers
Two sliding cabinet doors
Quartz lighting over pans
All Stainless Steel
Easy to clean
Frameless 45° joints

* Pans not included
Hot food holding cabinets only, not designed to heat product


Warranty 12 Months
Power Rating 240V; 2.5kw; 11A
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