Hallde Vertical Cutter Blender VCB-32

Hallde Vertical Cutter Blender VCB-32

Product Price $2,765.00 + GST
Model: VCB-32
Size: 285mm x 440mm x 335mm (WxDxH)

Product Description

Hallde Vertical Cutter Blender VCB-32

The 2 speed VCB-32 is ideal for mixing, chopping, vitamizing, blending, etc. Combined with the Hallde patented scraping system and serrated knife makes the VCB-32 the standout Vertical Cutter Blender in the 3 litre class.

HALLDE’s VCB-32 is a versatile vertical cutter/blender for the smaller kitchen. It is small in size but has smart functions which always ensuring perfect and even results.

The three litre bowl has a tightly sealing lid. This increases the net volume for liquid ingredients to 1.4 litres. The lid has a 3 cm wide feed tube for filling while the machine is running. The transparent lid makes it easy to monitor your cutting when using the machine.

You can run the VCB-32 at two speeds; 1,450 rpm for gentle preparation and better control when chopping, and 2,650 rpm for rapid mixing or blending of sauces or minced meats. The VCB-32 also has a direct action pulse function. The pulse function provides direct access to 2,650 rpm without any irritating time delays.

The VCB-32 has a scraper system designed to prevent food getting stuck on the inside and the lid of the bowl, where the knives are unable to reach. The scraper arms keep the lid and the inside of the bowl clean. At the same time they move the ingredients back towards the knives. The VCB-32 scraper system has three arms instead of one. It is a patented function that means that the rotation of the ingredients in the bowl is stopped enabling the knives to cut the contents more effectively. This shortens preparation time considerably and minimises the heat release that arises when preparing.

Chops, grinds, mixes, purées, blends and minces.
Stainless steel bowl gross volume 3 litres, net liquid volume 1.4 litre.
• ABS machine housing
• 2 Speed 1,450 RPM & 2,650 RPM
• Pulse function
• Powerful high torque motor
• HÄLLDE patented scraper system
• Impact & heat resistant Xylex lid
• Carry handles for easy moving
• Ideal for wet, dry & liquid foods
• 240V, 1,000W, supplied with cord and 10 Amp plug




Warranty 3 Years
Made In Sweden
Power Rating 240V, 1,000W, 10 Amp
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