SimcoHood SH Series Exhaust Canopy-3400×1000

SimcoHood SH Series Exhaust Canopy-3400×1000

Regular Price: $5,578.00 + GST VIP Sale Price: $6,695.00 + GST
Model: SH3400
Size: 3400mm x 1000mm (WxD)

Product Description

• Fully constructed in stainless steel
• Only top of canopy is constructed in galvanized steel
• Complies with Australian standard 1668
• Designed in a way that makes it easy to maintain & clean
• Tapered plenum design at higher front for less grease residue
• Fully welded corners
• Easy to install in any position or location
• No dividers between filters
• Removable grease drain tray
• Fitted with vapour proof led lights madera toughened glass panel
• Hood takes standard honey comb filters 381 x 457 x50 mm
• Filters are all included in every hood
• No waiting time , ready to go

NOTE: Does not include flue or exhaust fan.


Warranty 12 Months
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