Slab Pizza Delivery Bag Fits: 3 x Slab Pizza Boxes up to 33x66 cm

Slab Pizza Delivery

Bag S-633515

Model: S-633515

Product Description

Slab Pizza Delivery Bag S-633515

Holds:3 x Slab Pizza Boxes up to 33×66 cm or it can hold up to 6 x 13″

Singles = $127.27 each + GST
Pack of 5 = $118.18 each + GST
Pack of 10 = $113.64 each + GST

Primarily designed for slab size pizza (12″ x 24″ – 30cm x 60cm), similar to the size referred by Pizza Hut as their “Big Foot”.

Carry handle.
Palm strap under to stabalise bag when removing pizza.
Clear docket pouch.
Eyelets for releasing steam that limits food from sweating.

It can also be used to hold a combination of both pizza and foil food containers.

Spray cleaning liquid on a dry cloth. Wipe surface of bag with cloth.
DO NOT spray liquid directly to surface of bag.

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