VIP 'Heat Retention' Technology Food Delivery Bag

VIP ‘Heat Retention’ Technology Food Delivery Bag


Model: HR-252525
Size: 250mm x 250mm x 250mm (WxDxH)

Product Description

VIP ‘Heat Retention’ Technology Food Delivery Bag –  HR-252525

Holds 10 x (18 x 11 x 4cm) foil containers

Measurements: 25cm x 25cm x25cm

Singles = $100.00 each + GST
Pack of 5 = $90.91 each + GST
Pack of 10 = $86.36 each + GST

Features include
Incorporate side flaps that fold over and top lid has full length front velcro closure to better hold in heat.
Carry Strap
Velcro Closure
Docket pouch.

Optional Extra:
Two piece interwoven divider to allow separation of foods to travel securely.
Includes removable shelf to rest on top of dividers for additional separation of foods.

Free on request at time of ordering 5 or 10 bags: One set of dividers and shelf will be included per each set of 5 bags ordered.

Suitable for foods such as pasta, ribs, burgers, chicken, kebab, fish & chips, Asian foods etc.


Made of the same material as the HR Pizza Delivery Bags to hold food HOT longer.

Our Food Delivery bags are used by major outlets such as

Spray cleaning liquid on a dry cloth. Wipe surface of bag with cloth.
DO NOT spray liquid directly to surface of bag.

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