SV-20 Sous Vide - 20 Litre Circulating Bain Marie

SV-20 Sous Vide – 20 Litre Circulating Bain Marie

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Model: SV-20
Size: 570mm x 370mm x 310mm (WxDxH)

Product Description

SV-20 Sous Vide – 20 Litre Circulating Bain Marie
20 Litre 1/1 GN ×150mm
Exterior: 570mmW×370D×310H
Interior: 530mmW×327D×150H
• 85ºC temp. limited
• Easy to use digital control panel
• Significantly improved peformance over still water Bains Marie
• Low water level alarm
• 100% anti-dry protection
• Drain valve
• Working time can be set from 0 to 99 hours
• Preserves flavour & aroma as water soluble substances are not lost
• Minimises loss of moisture & weight • Minimises the use of additional fat during cooking
• Enhances flavours, retains colour & minimises salt requirement
• Provides consistent results every time

* Sous Vide was developed in France in the 1970s and is the cooking of fish, meat or vegetables in a vacuum bag at a constant low temperature in a Bain Marie. Once an expensive and messy process, we offer a very low cost option. Our Sous Vide Bains Marie are so much easier to use, very affordable, capable of delicate & precise cooking and also reheating & holding food at a set temperature.


Warranty 12 Months
Power Rating 240V; 2.0kW
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