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Product Information

Model: Timer T1

= $22.75 + GST

This unit has a large clear display with a loud alarm.
Easy set with a maximum time of 99 minutes and
59 seconds.
Suitable for all sorts of timing jobs.
Also continues to time after the alarm to tell you how far past the alarm time you are.
Magnet and clip as well as desk stand built in.
Ideal for pathology, electrical, industrial, home, gardening, watering, exercising, photography, cooking, chemical, production, etc.

Dimensions: 65 wide x 60 high x 20 deep (mm)


Product Information

Model: Tripple Countdown Timer

= $32.00 + GST

Large LCD with clear and readable information on the screen.
9 buttons for operating.
3 independent channels may be started independently or simultaneously.
Memory and alarm will beep for 1 minute once it reaches the set time.
Clock in hour, minute, second (12 / 24 hours / AM / PM format).
100 Hours countdown / up time with 1/100 second count up display.
Flexible design suitable as stand-alone on a desk or a magnet for the refrigerator.

LCD size: 43 x 38mm
Size: 88 x 66 x 11mm H



A wider range of models are available upon request.

Due to continuing improvements we reserve the right to alter details without notice.