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Readout in both grams and ounces   Stainless steel platform   Large easy to read dial
Model: 2- 001

1kg Scale

VIP Sale Price
= $68.20 + GST
Model: 2- 005

5kg Scale

VIP Sale Price
= $77.30 + GST
Model: 2- 010

10kg Scale

VIP Sale Price
= $81.80 + GST
Model: 2- 020

20kg Scale

VIP Sale Price
= $86.35 + GST





A robust, easy to clean set of electronic scales with removable weighing platform and large display.
These scales can be powered by mains or batteries, and have a wipe clean, splash proof fascia.
Capacity 3kg   Material Stainless steel platform   Removable platform for easy cleaning
Wipe clean splash proof fascia   Clear easy to read digital display
Touch button instant reaction controls
          Model: 100- F201-A

VIP Sale Price
= $100 + GST

Capacity 3KG

Dimensions 80(H) x 178(W) x 225(D)mm




Ieal for use in food preparation, these scales are very sturdy and easy to clean, with an easily-removed platform
Removable platform for easy cleaning   Wipe clean splash proof fascia
Clear easy to read digital display   Touch button instant reaction controls   Material Stainless steel platform
Come supplied with a mains lead, but can also be battery powered.
          Model: 100- F178-A

VIP Sale Price
= $190 + GST

Capacity 33lbs/ 15k

Dimensions (mm): 100H x 252 Wx 300L


 Made in United Kingdom - EUROPE.
- Quality Built - Commercial Use

- Clear PVC cover to protect against water/ dust/ etc

- KG/ LB and ON/OFF/ Zero switches

- 12volt re-chargeable battery with 240volt power pack.

- Auto off switch to extend battery life between charges.

- 6KG x 1GRM graduation
- 24cm x 21cm stainless steel weighing platform

- Dimensions: 250mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 110mm (h)

Code: 96-405-6-1

VIP Sale Price
= $268 + GST

1KG - 5KG - 10KG - 20KG
Smaller size digital scales also available.

Due to continuing improvements we reserve the right to alter details without notice.