JDR-650/3N Floor Model Dough Sheeter

JDR-650/3N Floor Model Dough Sheeter

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Model: JDR-650/3N
Size: 2950mm x 1100mm x 1180mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 200 kg

Product Description

Tyrone Floor Model Sheeter
Three phase
Belt Width: 650 mm
Table Length: 1200 mm
Why these are the best sheeters on the market?
• large roller opening (40mm) with large hard chrome rollers
• very large dough weight capacity
• steel, stainless steel & aluminium (not plastic components & casings like many other sheeters)
• easy to remove & clean scraper assemblies with low replacement cost
• safety guards with internal safety switching
• quality food grade conveyor belt (not a cotton belt)
• no external switches to allow flour entry & subsequent damage
• internal mechanism locks rollers in position, no ratchet to wear & possibly catch operator’s knuckles
• allows easy access in folded position to conveyor drive-rollers for cleaning (unlike other sheeters)

Poor cleaning enables dough build up on the rollers causing a bump under the sheeting belt, this can catch on the scrapers thus ripping the belt.


Warranty 2 Years
Power 415V; 750W/ 3~N
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