VIP Bench Conveyor Oven VIP-24P - Conveyor belt 640mmW

VIP Bench Conveyor Oven VIP-24P

Product Price $11,000.00 + GST
Model: VIP-24P
Size: 1250mm x 750mm x 450mm (WxDxH)

Product Description

VIP Bench Conveyor Oven VIP-24P

VIP Non Fan Forced Design to limit product drying.

Simply set the heat required from the top and bottom element and set the conveyor speed.

The variable speed and independent heat controls can be set to suit various applications ranging from, toasting bread – baking pizza – grilling meat / fish etc.

The heart of this unit is a reduction gear box coupled to an electric motor for smooth and quiet operation.  It is an industrial type unit and longevity is assured, unlike miniature stepping motors that are generally used in these applications.  Compare and notice the vast difference.

– A robust, compact unit– User friendly controls
– Metal/ Incoloy elements for long life durability– Designed for easy operation
– No skilled staff required– Time & temperature controls enable efficient power use & product output
– Constructed from stainless steel – non rust– Maximum Operating Temperature: 300degC

The picture below depicts the stepping motor (left) used by opposition, and the heavy duty reduction geared (right) used by VIP.

*Estimates are based on 6 minutes bake and are a guide only as it is subject to pastry and topping variations. If par baked refrigerated pizza bases are used the baking time is generally reduced by half providing the pizza bases are at room temperature when entering the oven.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY….We have a Conveyor Oven operational on our premises, where by arrangement you are invited to bake your own product. We welcome your inspection at your convenience.



Made In Australia
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