Rack Cover - Max 15" Tray Size

Rack Cover – Max 15″ Tray Size

Product Price $150.00 + GST
Model: 18-380-20T

Product Description

Rack Cover – Max 15″ Tray Size

For use over racks suitable for up to 15inch trays/ pans

Heavy Duty – Hygienic – Washable – Re-Usable – Twin Front Zip

Pizza Tray Rack Covers are useful for the following reasons:

– Aids in the prevention of dough from fermentation, thus reducing the dough from ageing.

– Reduces dough from exposure to increased humidity levels, caused by storing dough in a warm area (ie near the pizza oven).  This in turn maintains the dough’s moisture preventing it from rising too early.

– Protects the dough from over-proofing, which can lead to the dough loosing its shape and the crusts blistering or rupturing (thus resulting in a burnt crust).

– Reduces odors entering the dough, odors which are common around pizza shops.  These odors can give the base a different taste, while also increasing the ageing of the dough.

– The stands are health regulation approved.  The covers are made of sanitized plastic which conform to health authorities specifications.

It is advisable to place a 16-17 inch pizza tray on top of rack when fitting cover over for better stability.

Note: Trays and Stand sold separately.


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