Commercial Insect Killer 50m2

Commercial Insect Killer 50m2

Product Price $135.00 + GST
Model: FD496-A
Size: 350mm x 86mm x 272mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 4 kg

Product Description

Keep your kitchen free of flies and other insects by using this compact Eazyzap bug zapper. With a coverage area of 50m², it’s perfect for smaller meal prep or food service areas and is fitted with energy-saving UV LED bulbs – quickly attracts flying insects into the unit, removing them discreetly and significantly improving hygiene.

The long-lasting LED bulbs have an extraordinary rated lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, meaning far fewer bulb changes than traditional fly zappers. Running costs are reduced too, and a simple ON/OFF switch allows you to save even more energy when the unit isn’t needed.

This bug zapper comes with its own hanging chain, and it performs best when positioned in the darkest part of the room. Placing it near light sources such as skylights or windows will limit its effectiveness. It also needs to be set up at least 1m away from any food preparation areas.

Product features

  • Impressive 50m² coverage keeps pests away from meal prep and service areas
  • Discreet collection drawer catches insect husks for quick and hygienic removal
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs for lower running costs and 10,000+ hours working life
  • Comes with 2 x 4.5W bulbs that are easy to replace when you do need new ones
  • Simple ON/OFF switch to save even more energy when zapper is not required
  • Supplied with hanging chain for easy installation wherever you need it
  • Performs best when positioned in the darkest area of the room


Power Rating 9W
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