Patty Press Moulds - 602201

Patty Press Moulds – 602201

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Model: 602201

Product Description

Patty Press Moulds – 602201

Attaches to TC 8, TC12 or TC32 Mincer
Can also attach to sausage fillers.

Hamburger Patty Press Attachment
With the Burger Press, you can have perfectly formed 100mm diameter hamburger patties as fast as you can grind the meat or using sausage stuffer. The high-tensile plastic and acrylic press uses the power from the grinder to press from the meat into 3/4″ thick, 1/3 lb patties. And with the pull of the slider, the patty is released onto your waiting wax paper. It can produce up to 20 patties per minute, depending on the on grinder, or depending on your muscle (with sausage filler), and it keeps your hands clean and bacteria-free.

Fits Hakka 8#, 12#, 32# commercial meat grinders, and all series from 3L to 15L vertical stuffers.
Patty Diameter: 100mm
N.W : 1.5kg

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