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• High thermal conductivity non-stick plates     • Easy to adjust dough thickness
• Interlocked safety guard & start button (machine cannot start until grid is closed)
• Can be used by unskilled staff     • Stainless Steel body    • Distance between plates: 105 mm    • Plate temperature: 130 to 170ºC

Product Description

Flat or Raised Edge
Model: 52- PF33A (flat edge)
Model: 52- PF33B (raised edge)

Regular Price: $10,209.50 + GST

= $9,185 + GST

30cm Ø pizza base; 120 to 250g
Pressing time: from 0.1 to 1.5 sec
(recommended dough temp. 6 to 20ºC)

Dimensions: 470mmW×590D×830H
Power: 415V 3~N; 4.75kW


Due to continuing improvements we reserve the right to alter details without notice.