Pizza Dough Divider Rounder - BM2AS - Capacity: 50 - 300g Balls - 3 Phase

Pizza Dough Divider Rounder – BM2AS – Capacity: 50 – 300g – 3 Phase

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Model: BM2AS
Size: 765mm x 765mm x 1450mm (WxDxH)

Product Description

Are you looking for a fast, user-friendly way of preparing the dough balls for your pizzas? This machines can help you with dividing and rounding.

BM2AS dough divider + rounder

Two functions in a single model: BM2AS automatically divides the pizza dough into portions and rounds them into balls. You can introduce up to 30kg of dough and obtain perfectly round balls with high weight accuracy. Its very high output allows you to schedule your tasks: making daily batches of dough is not necessary and you can refrigerate balls for the fermentation and leavening processes.

  • 1. Select and position the cone corresponding to the required weight (in g).
  • 2. Load the dough into the machine hopper (approx. 30 kg of unleavened dough).
  • 3.Begin dividing.
  • 4. the cut pieces are conveyed to a spiral cup in order to be rounded.
  • Producing dough balls of different sizes: From 50 up to 300g (using the special extrusion cones to divide into balls and complementary rounding cups)
  • Round, smooth compact dough balls: Uniform size, compact shape, airtight.
  • No waste: High scaling accuracy (tolerance +/- 5%). This means you can retrieve all scraps and mix again.
  • High output: High hourly output (from 800 up to 1200 dough balls per hour)
  • Extremely user friendly: After setting the machine it operates automatically according to your specifications without the need for further intervention.
  • Reduced footprint: Compact and space saving, you can put them in any premises from the traditional pizzeria to artisan or industrial manufacturing units.

The BM/2/AS is delivered with standard equipment of 1 cone and 1 bell.

Cone Code Diameter Dough Weight Bell Code Dough Weight
AH/27 3.5cm 50 – 70g KA/24 50 – 80g
AH/21 4.0cm 60 – 100g KA/25 90 – 130g
AH/22 4.5cm 90 – 130g KA/26 140 – 180g
AH/23 5.0cm 120 – 160g KA/27 190 – 230g
AH/24 5.5cm 150 – 190g KA/29 220 – 260g
AH/25 6.0cm 180 – 220g KA/28 260 – 300g
AH/26 6.5cm 210 – 250g
AH/44 7.0cm 240 – 280g


Warranty 12 Months
Made In Italy
Power Rating 415V, Three Phase, 10amp
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