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Automatic Timer Control. Finished product quality is automatically controlled by setting the time required for the recipe.
Funnel. Liquid mix and flavorings are poured into the top, using the convenient funnel provided.
Single Touch Open Dispensing Door. Pull up handle to open the dispensing door   Easy to clean the freezing cylinder.
Product Chute. Ribbon of frozen product flows down chute to separate dipping cabinet. Easily removable for cleaning or moving container.
Mix Flow Regulator. Easy to read markings allow operator to dial in the correct amount of mix flowing into freezing cylinder for proper consistency.
Adjusts for operation from the front, back, or side, depending on space requirements.

Safety Features. To protect users from accidental injury:
1) Beater motor will not rotate unless door is in place.     2) Finger guards installed in opening of dispensing door.

Product Description

Model: 52- DP-7112

Regular Price: $2,985.00 + GST
= $2,510 + GST

Production Rate: 10L/ Hour

Dimensions: 430mmW x 620D x 590H
240V; 10A outlet required

Product Description

Model: 52- DP-7430

Regular Price: $9,850.00 + GST
= $8,275 + GST

Production Rate: 30L/ Hour

Dimensions: 520mmW x 710D x 1180H
240V; 15A outlet required





Combined Pasteurising Machine & Ice-Cream Maker
Using heating & aging processes for the best traditional ice-cream. Pasteurisation is the first step in the
making of traditional ice-cream, transforming raw ingredients into the smooth ice-cream.
Once this stage is completed it is then churned into smooth and traditional ice-cream.
Stainless Steel shell and beater   Easy to clean    Water cooling   Digital display, simple to use controls  
One Beater Motor 2HP   Adjustable temperature

Product Description

Model: 52- OPAH20

Regular Price: $13,745.00 + GST
= $11,550 + GST

Pasteurization Tank 12L
Cylinder Capacity 8L

Dimensions: 572mmW x 872D x 1670H
240V; 3.5kW; 15A outlet required




Due to continuing improvements we reserve the right to alter details without notice.