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Product Information

Digital Hanging Thermometer
Fridge/ Freezer Thermometer

= $30.00 + GST

Compact in design with easy-to-read extra-large digits
Attach to any surface with the stand hook
Monitor temperatures from -20C to 50C
Button to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Max/ Min temperature value display on screen
Waterproof structure level IPX3

Measuring Temperature Range: -20C-50C (-4F-122F)
Accuracy: 1C (2F)
Resolution: 0.1CC (0.2F)
Power Supply: 1 x 3V CR2032 battery

Screen Size: Approx. 47x20mm
Size: Approx. 87x45x21mm


Product Information

Model: BG-TM-100

= $46.00 + GST

Temperature range from -30 C up to +50 C.

Provides maximum and minimum values
Can use frame provided to mount behind glass of
display fridge or vegetable drawers
with a very high accuracy of ( + / -) 0.8 C at -20 C to 10 C,
otherwise ( + / -) 1 C.
Can display and store the maximum and minimum temperature.


 A wider range of models are available upon request.

Due to continuing improvements we reserve the right to alter details without notice.