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Constructed with a stainless steel base and smooth cast iron cooking plate, the machine is well-built and easy to use. Safety has also been added with the non-slip rubber feet and chrome-coated steel handles. Ideal for use in any café, bistro, restaurant, takeaway or sandwich shop where tasty crepes or pancakes add valuable breakfast and lunch revenue.
• Material Stainless steel   • Coil element for even heat distribution
• Vented galvanised base   • Thermostatic control dial   • Supplied with a wooden spatula and spreader
Product Information

Model: 100- CC039-A

= $370 + GST

Dimensions - cooking area 410mm
Temperature Range 60 to 300°C

 Dimensions 140(H) x 550(W) x 456(D)mm
Power Type 2.9kW, 12.6A, 50Hz; 230V


• Create delicious light and fluffy crepes    • 400mm diameter plate
• Includes warming drawer   • Stainless steel   • Cast iron non-stick cooking surface
• Wooden spreader included   • Metal spatula included
Product Information

Model: 52- TEC-1KW

Regular Price: $367.00 + GST

= $310 + GST

• 400mm diameter plate 

Dimensions: 450mmWx490Dx235H
Power: 3kw ; 15A outlet required

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